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What every Southern girl should have

15 Feb

I love monograms- on EVERYTHING!

mrs. and the misc.

What is small or large, can be multi-colored,  has been a royal seal, but has also been found on common bath towels? A monogram!


      Monograms originated many years ago as royal seals for kings and queens. Since then they have been stamped on coins, a signature for artisans, a symbol of ones place in society (Victorian era), and now can even be incorporated into the seats of luxury cars. These personal identifiers are found on stationary, pillowcases, bath towels, suitcases, shirts, jewelry, or bags.


For a friends recent bridal shower, I wanted to gift something that would be unique only to her and her soon-to-be husband. I contacted Tina Marie Creations, who I have used in the past for monogram projects, and asked that she embroider the couples initials on a nice set of 600 count pillowcases.  The bride loved them! If your looking for that…

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Wildflowers Jumper

8 Feb

Cute wildflower little girl jumper

"...where there are Octobers."

I love this little jumper I made for Amelia the other night. This one has a button closure on the back instead of my typical buttons at the  shoulders. It’s really cute; I just hope she doesn’t grow out of it too quickly!


brown1brown2brown3brown4  brown7

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