About The Designer

Paisley Lynne BoutiqueMy Passion: Growing up as a ballet dancer, I was in love with costumes. After I was informed I could not wear costumes all day and night, I discovered the next closest thing was #FASHION! I soon realized I could not afford the elaborate beautiful gowns and day dresses I longed for, so I decided to put my creativity to work.

Creating elaborate ball gowns and beautiful suits (most of which I never had any place to wear) was how I spent every waking minute I wasn’t dancing or completing school work.  To this day, I lose myself for hours sewing and designing in my Studio.  I actually have to set an alarm to remind myself to eat and sleep.  Sewing is a creative outlet for me, and I feel so lucky to have my lifelong dream come true… Paisley Lynne Boutique.

My Apprenticeship: I learned how to sew as a child from my mother and grandmother, and I am proud to be a fifth generation seamstress.  My ancestors were tailors and seamstresses who owned design houses both in Europe and the USA.

After learning the art of sewing and design from my mother and grandmother, I have been lucky enough to study with amazingly talented and passionate teachers (some of whom have been featured on Project Runway).

Personal Life: I am a wife, mother and eco-creative designer who loves to continuously learn and challenge myself.

Design Inspirations:  My amazing daughter, life experiences and from fashion inspirations such as #Lilly Pulitzer, #Florence Eiseman, #Mini Boden, #Garnet Hill Kids, and other great clothing lines. I wanted to create a clothing line that is beautiful, chic and #eco-friendly.

Keep in touch: Visit our websites to learn more about #Paisley Lynne Boutique and keep in touch with us:

www.paisleylynne.comPaisley Lynne Boutique




Love the giggles

XOXO, Erin


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